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The average life span of a cow is 25 years.

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Title: The Walter Sisulu Sunninghill Hospital Paediatric Message-in-a-cow (CPESA 1045)
Location: Netcare
Artist: Ana Flores
Sponsor: Netcare

Side 1 has the name of the event, namely COW PARADE & the Artist’s name ANA LFEROS, even though the surname is Flores, written across the cow from rump to head. If you read the ribbons going down they say: Cancer on War, Please Africa Read Art Done Especially. Meaning that being an informed person on the subject might just save your life! Note that the udder is painted as a rainbow representing "South Africa as Rainbow Nation". On the Rainbow udder is a Pink bow in fight of Brest Cancer, my special tribute to my much loved grandmother who died of Breast


Side 2 has the name of the cow design, MESSAGE-IN-A-COW written from rump to head, and if you read the ribbons down it says: MESSAGE HEALING SOUTH SAVING ACHING GREAT HEARTS LIVING IN TRIBUTE AFRICAS CHILDREN OF WALTER SISULU. Note that on this side of the rainbow udder is the Map of Africa with the demarcated area in red and is just below “SOUTH”.

The children painted in various colors represent the children of South Africa not only for CHOC but also with little hearts for the children of the Walter Sisulu Paediatric Cardiac Centre for Africa.

Netcare, my sponsor is also known for having their logo in Navy and Gold, hence the colors used as a base for the cow and the gold touches. The head of the cow is painted with a great big red heart. Then 911 and SOS, on the ears of the cow (all cows get branded with a number) and therefore I made use of the International Emergency number in symbol of Netcare 911 and as a symbol of the emergency of gaining funds for the CHOC foundation.

This cow was sold by Stephan Welz in association with Sotheby's auction on Wednesday 29 June 2005 at the Nedbank Head Office, 135 Rivonia Road, Sandton. Proceeds have gone to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation to aid their plight in "Keeping more than Hope Alive". Please read the Auction press release should you want more information about the auction.

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