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Cows drink 25-50 gallons of water each day. That's nearly a bathtub full.

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Title: Imaqandakacilo ebafazibaphikicala (CPESA 1031)
Location: The African Sales Company (Pty) Ltd, Sandton
Artist: Leigh Voight
Sponsor: CowParade

A white Nguni cow with red speckles resembles the eggs of a Lark. The horns are suggestive of women throwing their hands up in shock and disagreement on some matter.

This cow was sold by Stephan Welz in association with Sotheby's auction on Wednesday 29 June 2005 at the Nedbank Head Office, 135 Rivonia Road, Sandton. Proceeds have gone to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation to aid their plight in "Keeping more than Hope Alive". Please read the Auction press release should you want more information about the auction.

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