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Jo'burg on the mooooove
Ever since the great gold rush of 1886 in the Witwatersrand, Gauteng has been South Africa's foremost industrial centre. Gauteng houses one of the world's great cities - energetic, inventive, endlessly creative, sybaritic, vibrant Johannesburg. Jo'burg, Jozi, Egoli - call it what you will - it's vibrant and dynamic with a throbbing pulse and an awesome sense of rhythm. It's the place to go for a real urban buzz. Everyone is on the move - doing business, making money, making music, jogging, "gymming", cycling, partying till late, eating out, watching shows, movies and exhibitions - and shopping, shopping, shopping! The older part of the city is developing an interesting character that hums with a new kind of vibrancy - thanks to visionary inner city renewal projects. There are interesting nightlife venues in the centre of Johannesburg, which offer restaurants, theatres, museums, craft markets and much more.
The northern suburbs radiate a sense of opulence and prosperity. The many shopping malls carry a vast range of high quality consumer goods, including many luxuries, and the hundreds of restaurants and coffee shops offer a wide range of fashionable cuisines.

Soweto, one of Johannesburg's "satellite cities", is home to two million people living in an array of dwellings from large, modern homes to makeshift shanties and "matchbox" houses. A tour of Soweto is unforgettable for most visitors who will drink with the locals in a "shebeen", try the latest dance moves at upmarket nightclubs, soak up the national passion at a football stadium, or visit sites where epic struggles for freedom once raged.

Day-trips out of Johannesburg are very popular. There are some beautiful landscapes just an hour away - such as the Magaliesberg Mountains and the Hartbeespoort Dam. There are wonderful country hotels and leisure pursuits such as horse riding, hiking, luxury spas, or hot air ballooning in this area.

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Jo'burg on the mooooove

City of Johannesburg
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