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“A country cannot say it has a democracy if only one voice is heard. In celebration of 10 years of demoooocracy, CowParade is giving three of the major cities in South Africa a chance to witness an art exhibition with a difference and a purpose, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.” says Ivan May CEO of CowParade South Africa

South Africa is a country of diverse cultures and landscapes where anything is possible. South Africa's urban centres are a lively mix of African culture and sophisticated first world infrastructure, populated by a fascinating variety of people.

Come for a visit and discover this beautiful land for yourself. What better time than over the summer of 2004/5 where the cows will be on display across Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg!

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Destination CowZulu Natal
Cape Town - The Mudder City
Jo'burg on the mooooove

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