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There is really no other animal that can adequately substitute for the cow and produce the level of artistic accomplishment evident in this moo-seum. The surface area and bone structures are just right, as well as the height and length. Our cow sculptures, created by acclaimed artist Pascal Knapp, were designed specifically to be an art canvass and are striking works of art on their own. Further, no other animal can be transformed into something else entirely, yet retain its identity.

Similar events have sprung up all over the country (mermaids, cod, pigs, sharks, pelicans, angels, potato heads), all benefitting good causes. However artists and admirers alike are drawn to the original cow. Nothing seems to grab the attention, provide a versatile art canvass, or auction like the cows. There’s just something about these cows!

Equally important, the cow is an animal we all love. Cows are nurturing, whimsical, quirky, and never threatening. Cows provide the milk that fosters our development, and milk is the basis of beloved childhood treats like ice cream. In short, everyone loves cows!

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Pascal Knapp created the original mold for the three cows used in the CowParade

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